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make the pounding stop

12 Nov

How in the world did I manage to get up early this morning and go out into the world after a night like last night?

(No boy date last night. But had friend date night. So many drinks. So much fried food. So much karaoke goodness!)

Being back on the market has been a major driver in being more consistent with my, ahem, personal grooming and maintenance. My aesthetician is super thrilled because I’m on a regular schedule with her again.

I adore her, she’s great…even with her creepy old man tendencies. And by creepy old man tendencies I mean she says really weird, borderline flirty things to me? Like, she’s always saying how cute and adorable I am as she looks me up and down when I walk in. And this is fine. I mean, I’m cute so she can’t help herself! But then she adds in things like, “Turn around in your dress for me” or “Yeah, take your cute little panties off.” RIGHT?!

Other than that we always talk about books or my latest plans. It’s mainly the book geekery that takes the awkwardness out of her working on my lady parts. She’s an absolute peach, though. Always giving me the best book recos.

I was definitely a slug on her table this morning. Room spinning. Head pounding. Burping up last night’s vomit. Wanting desperately to pass out right then and there. Today is going to be rough.