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“We Met During Our First Skydives”

11 Dec

Okay, okay! I may potentially start to sound like a horrible person right now. HOWEVER, I was told that I have no right to feel this way.

#Flashback to yesterday when I JUMPED OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post Dude #5 (a.k.a. 3D) was texting me pre and post jump. Totally sweet. Totally supportive when I started to have a mini freak out moment.

But I kinda met a dude at the skydiving facility.

I KNOW! But wait. This dude was all up in my business! Not, like, really up in my vagina but, like, totally into me.

We met while we were getting suited up in our jumpsuits and gear. He was standing near me and I kept catching him looking over at me and smiling. I eventually started to see him inch closer and closer to me. Then he starts to talk to me. We both talk about how this was our first jump, discuss where we were both from…just really good small talk. Not going to lie – this dude was pretty cute. And it was SO OBVIOUS that he was flirting with me. We wish each other luck but are still around each other then were shuffled around by instructors, photographers and videographers. But I’d always catch him looking at me. He was even watching me while I did my interviews with my videographer, and I’d see him smiling at me. (What is going on!)

The whole time in the plane was insane! He was actually sitting next to me but everyone was pretty much in their own zone because, you know, WE WERE ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!

I ran into him post-jump back at the place we suited up. He honed in to me like a fucking laser  beam. More small talk. He asked if I was an actress because I was from Los Angeles (he is from Sn Diego), and because I loved being on camera. I thought this was funny because he even said I looked/sounded like a reporter with the camera following me around.

Boy, not an actress. Just hyper active and a camera whore.

It’s chaos in that tent and everyone is being shuffled around. We managed to introduce each other but I had to go sign more paperwork and preview my video. I thought I would have a chance to talk to him again and possibly exchange information but alas…

While previewing my footage I did see his name on the list and managed to memorize it for Facebook stalking.

When I got him I totally looked him up. I even messaged him letting him know it was nice to meet him.

I told my friends during the car ride home that I felt slightly guilty for talking to him and enjoying it. But then we all agreed that this guilt was silly. I’m still a free woman until 3D asks me to go steady (teenage style). Odd because I don’t feel guilty at all as I message and scope out the dudes on OKCupid. Yet here I was feeling slightly horrible for flirting back with some dude at the drop zone.

But how fucking cool would that be to tell folks that I met my dude during our first skydives! I mean…c’mon, that’s pretty badass!



heads up

5 Dec

Because I will be falling out of the sky on Saturday!

Yeah, it’s legit.

And because I can’t resist pressing that darn red button I ended up texting the Skydiver yesterday letting him know that my first jump is officially happening. I don’t really know why I did it. Okay, maybe I do.

We had briefly discussed how he was going to be my “first jump” sponsor so I figured I’d let him know I was actually going through with it. Plus, he skydives as much as I drink water so he is the perfect person to share this with! I secretly thought I would get a response back, some sort of nod or something. But nothing. It’s all fine and dandy.

At the end of the day it was more of a courtesy “heads up I’m going to be at your drop zone on Saturday so don’t be surprised if you see me there” text. You know, just in case he wants to avoid lil’ ol’ me 🙂

Level 5 Ninja

29 Nov

To be quite honest, I wasn’t even that into him at first. This was sometime in mid-September. It was still my maiden voyage on the OKCupid seas and his profile kept popping up in my suggested matches.

He wasn’t exactly “my type”. But maybe this was the time to venture out of my tall-&-lanky-hipster-dude box and try something new.

But I was intrigued nonetheless. He was pretty cute. Some pictures were questionable. Most seemed “outdated” but all in all, a good crop of photos.

And he was a skydiver – perfect timing because I had been itching to jump out of plane so maybe his expertise would come in handy. But, like, every dude and their mother had skydiving photos so what makes him so special?

I did enjoy his profile. And was did have a soft spot for Jenga…

By the Numbers:

  • Match: 89%
  • Friend: 86%
  • Enemy: 3%

He sized up right in the compatibility department so I proceeded to engage. My message was short and sweet. Referenced his Jenga connoisseur-ness, then left it at that. Bait was set.

And he bit!

Smooth sense of humour? Check!

And so it began.

We literally sent each other these long, drawn out messages filled with getting-to-know-each-other questions, peppered with flirtatious teasing. It was all engaging. I loved “talking” to him because he was one of the rare guys on the site I could actually have decent interactions with. It was effortless and I looked forward to his responses, finding out about his days or weekends, learning more and more about him…getting skydiving tips! God, I sound like a fucking Hallmark movie but that’s how it was! Honest to goodness 21st Century, modern day courting.

After a few weeks I think we graduated to OKC IMs shortly after. Live -time banter.

Joked about his loft Downtown.

Did quick inventory of our liquor stash.

He sips his scotch. I drink my wine.

It was nearly 2am on a Sunday and he invites me over.  Joking? Maybe. As tempted as I was I proposed that we make plans for another night.

Let’s check our calendars.

Free all way except Friday.

Mirror schedules.

Let’s dovWednesday, he says. October 5th. He somehow convinced me to go Downtown. His ‘hood.

We’d get drinks. I was down.

And so it was done. In the books.

And the “good nights” were good.

riding his rig

16 Nov

Guffaw, my friends!

I’m leaving my office tonight and see a text message pop up from the Skydiver. Gah! My fucking kryptonite! My BIG! (<–My only SATC reference in this one – scout’s honor).

Making my way down the parking garage ramp I had to do a double take because his message was so  not what I expected…but it totally is something I would get from him.

This boy has some kooky ways of seducing a kooky girl and I’m am just getting reeled in! But I’m still somewhat perplexed. I mean, is he forreal? I’m oddly turned on. But it is a legitimate question coming from him so you never know.

I’m about to barrel into some silly traffic yet here I am, iPhone in my right hand, steadying the steering wheel with my left, gearing up for a booty call. But I have so much to do tonight! Am I really going to make my way Downtown to sit on his rig…and then some?!

Flirty banter is on high alert. I’m totally into it and I’m totally into him. I told him I may be interested in making an appearance tonight. Then I make some flimsy comment about how I’d only come over if he met my rider demands (har har) then realized what I said and added in a bit about a bowl full of nothing but green M&M’S.

But I can sense where this is headed. And he is doing it again! SILENCE! You’d think my dummy joke about a celebrity rider would get a chuckle. I’m chuckling about it again right now just thinking about it.

He fucking sets the stage, jerks off to his American Psycho ways, then drinks his own jizz in a protein shake. This is his M.O. Catch him if you can…

I’m a cat chasing the red laser. Part of me is glad this didn’t go down because this girl is dealing with a cold. However, the other part of me was rearing to throw it down on yards of parachute material! I had no shame in passing on my germs and ruining his week – no big deal.

Someone just hose me down. He will be the end of me…and I can’t stop! I should just take my own parachute pack, jump out & away, and pull the cord.

extra dirty

11 Nov

A few extra dirty martinis in during dinner @ Mohawk Bend in Echo Park (post iam8bit gallery visit), and all this talk about first, second and third base at the table made me want to have a throw down with Guy #2 (we’ll refer to him as the “Skydiver” who happens to be #1 in my book…but we’ll retrace steps later). I’m sorry but yes, I was totally guilty of texting him in mid conversation with my friends. I have no self control whatsoever so when you get drinks in me and get me talking about dudes, all I keep thinking about it making about with a hot dude. In this case, all I wanted to do was crawl onto Guy #2’s couch (who is really my #1), cuddle with him, start watching some random movie on his netflix or computer, and ease into our usual make out sesh.

So yeah, I totally texted him. He drinks Vodka so I simply asked him if he knew how to make a mean martini. Surprisingly, Guy #2 responded right away with some witty quip about dirty martinis.

To which he replies, “Mean is easy. Nice is hard.” Corny but slightly intriguing. At this point he could’ve spoken in pig latin and I would’ve jumped him bones regardless.

At this point I am hooked once again. I’m thinking I can simply jet off to DTLA, make my way up to his loft, get ‘er done, and then mosey on home.

Of course he is about to fall asleep.

Of course this is a bad time because he needs to get up at 3am to get a head start on his weekend trip.

Of course he is super hot even in text form and we have mindless banter. Banter that he tried to steer into “dirty talk” territory. He dives into the whole “send me pictures” bit. Not gonna happen so I steer him away. “Dude, I’m at a bar so I’m sure I would turn heads if I take you up on that request.”

(Man, you are so smooth, Guy #2, but I am on to you.) We leave it at, “Let’s hang out when you get back” and I go back to sipping my extra dirty martinis.

This dude is going to be the end of me. I am not sure what I want but all I know is that I am shamelessly hooked. He is my meth or crack cocaine. Our random text messages are my little hits throughout the week. I love and hate him. You will read more about him when I time travel and retrace my steps. He will be my demise, I am sure of it. But man, I am jonesing on him like woah!

As we wait for our friend’s car to get brought up by valet, one friend asked how I could do that – just hook up and be fine with it tonight.

“Maybe I’m just heartless. But I’m sure it will bite me in the ass and I will be bawling on my bathroom floor in a few months because I am in over my head…”

She calls me bold. I put that in my back pocket and go home.

That was last night. Who knows what kind of trouble I will get in tonight. We are cabbing it. We will be drinking profusely. Living large.