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“We Met During Our First Skydives”

11 Dec

Okay, okay! I may potentially start to sound like a horrible person right now. HOWEVER, I was told that I have no right to feel this way.

#Flashback to yesterday when I JUMPED OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post Dude #5 (a.k.a. 3D) was texting me pre and post jump. Totally sweet. Totally supportive when I started to have a mini freak out moment.

But I kinda met a dude at the skydiving facility.

I KNOW! But wait. This dude was all up in my business! Not, like, really up in my vagina but, like, totally into me.

We met while we were getting suited up in our jumpsuits and gear. He was standing near me and I kept catching him looking over at me and smiling. I eventually started to see him inch closer and closer to me. Then he starts to talk to me. We both talk about how this was our first jump, discuss where we were both from…just really good small talk. Not going to lie – this dude was pretty cute. And it was SO OBVIOUS that he was flirting with me. We wish each other luck but are still around each other then were shuffled around by instructors, photographers and videographers. But I’d always catch him looking at me. He was even watching me while I did my interviews with my videographer, and I’d see him smiling at me. (What is going on!)

The whole time in the plane was insane! He was actually sitting next to me but everyone was pretty much in their own zone because, you know, WE WERE ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!

I ran into him post-jump back at the place we suited up. He honed in to me like a fucking laser  beam. More small talk. He asked if I was an actress because I was from Los Angeles (he is from Sn Diego), and because I loved being on camera. I thought this was funny because he even said I looked/sounded like a reporter with the camera following me around.

Boy, not an actress. Just hyper active and a camera whore.

It’s chaos in that tent and everyone is being shuffled around. We managed to introduce each other but I had to go sign more paperwork and preview my video. I thought I would have a chance to talk to him again and possibly exchange information but alas…

While previewing my footage I did see his name on the list and managed to memorize it for Facebook stalking.

When I got him I totally looked him up. I even messaged him letting him know it was nice to meet him.

I told my friends during the car ride home that I felt slightly guilty for talking to him and enjoying it. But then we all agreed that this guilt was silly. I’m still a free woman until 3D asks me to go steady (teenage style). Odd because I don’t feel guilty at all as I message and scope out the dudes on OKCupid. Yet here I was feeling slightly horrible for flirting back with some dude at the drop zone.

But how fucking cool would that be to tell folks that I met my dude during our first skydives! I mean…c’mon, that’s pretty badass!



heads up

5 Dec

Because I will be falling out of the sky on Saturday!

Yeah, it’s legit.

And because I can’t resist pressing that darn red button I ended up texting the Skydiver yesterday letting him know that my first jump is officially happening. I don’t really know why I did it. Okay, maybe I do.

We had briefly discussed how he was going to be my “first jump” sponsor so I figured I’d let him know I was actually going through with it. Plus, he skydives as much as I drink water so he is the perfect person to share this with! I secretly thought I would get a response back, some sort of nod or something. But nothing. It’s all fine and dandy.

At the end of the day it was more of a courtesy “heads up I’m going to be at your drop zone on Saturday so don’t be surprised if you see me there” text. You know, just in case he wants to avoid lil’ ol’ me 🙂