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Crashing the Party

16 Dec

How I am up at 7ish in the AM post company holiday party is beyond me. I apologize in advance to what could be a lame post by a slightly hungover me. And let me just say that last night was so amazing! My friend and I got all gussied up – got our hair all did, got the face all made up. Seriously, I could get used to getting pampered and dolled up on the regular like that. And the dress my friends picked up earlier in the week was so fun! A ton of investment went into all of this [cue my hand motioning up and down by body]. And that was when I thought (and my friends thought) that 3D needed to see me in all my glory!

Of course we were texting all night then I finally thought, “Fuck it. He doesn’t live that far from this venue so I shall ask him to come by.” And I did. And he accepted my invite! He was finally home, about to have a quiet evening and recover from being sick and in pain from some face procedure. And that was a main reason I didn’t think he would come because he was still healing. BUT HE FREAKING PULLED THROUGH!

Enter my resourcefulness because now I had to find him an extra wristband to get in!

I made my way over to the hostess table and gave it to them straight.
“Look. I gave my extra guest wristband to my best friend. I know all guests need a wristband but I’ve started seeing this guy and I REALLY want him to stop by and see me looking like THIS. I know this sounds stupid but I really like him and just want to see him so bad tonight. So can you two gals help a girl out?”

At first I sensed some hesitation but after much pouting on my end I see one of them dig under the podium and slyly hand me a wristband. HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THEM AT THAT MOMENT! The other girl leaned over, winked and said she completely understood and that she had been in my position before. I enthusiastically hugged both of them and promised to make it count.

About half an hour later the hostess finds me at the bar and asks if I knew a [insert his name here]. He made it! I pranced over to the podium, grinning from ear to ear. He saw me and, naturally, I twirled to give him the full effect of my dress. I must say he was quite impressed. GOOD! All my friends were saying that I was a knockout and I was going to get mileage all night.

Liquid courage was flowing through my system so I grabbed his hand and made our way over to my crew. I was the happiest clam in the bunch because I had my guy on my arm.

We made the rounds. We danced our hearts out. (We were both so glad that we both love to dance). He’d get me water to  keep me hydrated. And when we had down time we’d sneak off to a booth and have mad cuddle sessions. (Later in the night we commented on how we thoroughly enjoyed our cuddle fests. And this is huge because I normally don’t like to be affectionate in public.This was BIG!) There were even moments when I sat on his lap while we watched everyone on the dance floor. The liquid courage got stronger and the inner tiger was getting loose. I’d start to wrap one arm around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder. I knew his face hurt a bit so I prefaced my next actions by apologizing in advance for potentially hurting him. Then I did it. I just leaned in and kissed him! Threshold crossed!

Needless to say we kissed throughout the evening – in the booth, on the dance floor, at the bar. Not, like, sloppy kisses because I am a classy lady in front of my work peers. But I was on cloud 9. My friends were also giddy for me as they caught glimpses of the early stages of awesomeness! (And ohmygawd I can’t believe I was so comfortable with the public displays of affection! Who am i?!?!)

Time to turn in. The dude offered to take me home! But I couldn’t do that to him so I insisted I would just take a cab as originally planned.
“Alright. I will do whatever you want to do.” And that  is when I realized that this may be why he didn’t pay for me on our first date? Because he didn’t want to infringe on my feminism? As I type that out I realize that it sounds so stupid but does that make sense? Whatever.

He walks me to the curb where we were all waiting for our cabs. He held me close because I was a shivering leaf. As I was curled up in his arms he would kiss the top of my head. Gah! I adore him!

Can we just pause and say how freaking amazing it was that he actually came out! FOR ME! He is true blue. Added bonus: everyone loved/loves him. Mmmmhmmmm


#CanIGetARecap: “And if I could I’d just claim you…”

14 Dec

A big kudos to “3D” for willingly throwing himself into the wolves. Actually, my friends are so awesome and I had no doubt that he would fair well in an intimate “dinner party” setting.

For those of you just joining us, I’ve been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks now. I use the term “seeing” loosely. What tier of dating is that, exactly? Maybe I should just keep it simple and say, “I’ve been on a few dates with him.” More legit? Okay.

Our third date resulted from an “you-want-to-hang-out-sunday-however-i-have-plans-sunday-evening-but-you-are-welcome-to-come-to-this-dinner-party” kinda thing. I didn’t think he would bite because this meant a third date that would involve my a small group of close friends! That’s serious, right?

3D shows up to my humble abode on time. Gawd, he looked so good and smelled yummy in my doorway. It made me think that he purposefully wore cologne for me because he doesn’t seem like the type who would. However, I could be wrong. It’s nice to think, though. I felt like I was a bit sheepish around him. It both sucks but expected because this is all so new!

We hung out for a bit then headed out to pick up a few things from the store. He offered to drive which was fine and dandy for me because I will not turn down being a passenger. He prefaced this by asking me not to judge him on his car. What is that supposed to mean? I promised him I wouldn’t but then it started to get me worried that he was going to be another guy intimidated by me. So what if I live alone. So what if I drive a yuppie car. I mean, I can be judgey sometimes in jest but I’m a good person. Plus, I like him so I would cut him some slack. 🙂


Car talk involved a recap of my skydiving. I had no idea he had gone skydiving, too, so he was able to understand the feelings I was trying to convey. Perffffff

Grocery store time was oddly cute. He would follow me around with the basket as I got lost in the produce section trying to remember what goes into a good salad. There was also a moment in the wine aisle where we were staring at various bottles of pinot noir and I just wanted to take his hand or rest my head on his shoulder. But I didn’t because I’m a dumb wuss!

Moment of truth was starting to creep up. We started to walk up to my friend’s house and I gave him a quick rundown of who I expected to be there, their names, and basic topline info. “The hostess is [x]. Then there is so-and-so who is my best friend. Her boyfriend, X, will be there, too. He’s badass and could kick your ass if you are mean to me….”. You know…stuff like that. The basics.

We enter the kitchen and all eyes are on us. My friends knew about him and were excited to meet the latest boy. But overall the initial intros were nice. He’s super personable so that made it easy.

I was a bit nervous because I wanted to hang out with him but I also wanted to help make the pasta and fixins. Luckily, he was self sufficient and went into dinner party photographer mode. It was really neat to just have him making his way around the kitchen and snapping shots galore. I’d look up and find the camera on me. I’d smile and he’d wink.

He wasn’t shy, really. I mean, he would join the smokers out on the patio and talk with them while I continued to be confused with the pasta making machine. Then he’d make his way back into the kitchen and stand next to me. I’d place my hand lightly on the small of  his back and peek at the pictures on his camera. But you could sense that we were still shy and fumbling our way through all of this.

At one point my best friend pulled me aside and gave me the official thumbs up. “He’s really cute and super nice! I can tell that he is trying. And [my boyfriend] likes him too!”

Score! I’m glad my nearest and dearest approves. Regardless, I think he is dope 🙂

Another fun part of the evening was when the hostess asked him how we know each other. I was in the living room and I could hear the words float out of her mouth. My sonic hearing kicked into overdrive as I tried to hear what his response would be. I was also laughing inside because I had jokingly told her to put him on the spot and see how he would answer. I moseyed on over to the kitchen where they were and helped them out a bit.

HOSTESS: So, he was just telling me how you two met. Space camp, eh? That’s so interesting!

SIDE NOTE: I had jokingly told HIM that he should tell people that we met at Space Camp just for shits and giggles.

ME: Oh yeah, his dad and my dad knew each other from the military. See “3D” is from Florida and his dad was in the space program. My dad would let me tag along to Florida with him. And he was there. We go way back. Then I find out that he is in LA and decided to hang out.

The Hostess was impressed by how well we were continuing this facade. I’m glad everyone held rank.

Later in the evening once everyone started to trickle out for other engagements and whatnot I found myself on the couch next to him. The hostess and another friend (who had arrived late) joined us in the living room and we just talked for a while. At one point him and I inched closer together, and he took my hand. WHAT?!?! Finally!

He was telling me how he loves giving massages so he started to massage my hand and rub my shoulders. Actually, he was rubbing my shoulders and back throughout the night which was really sweet. I love massages. Way to my heart….and into my pants! Heyo! I got tingles! That first touch is always a big deal!

The hand massages turned into hand holding for the rest of the evening. It was very…sweet. Simple, you know?

As we were leaving the hostess took his camera and wanted to take a picture of us. The collective groans coming from our mouths were priceless! But we sucked it up and posed.

As we turned on my street I started to get a bit anxious. What was going to happen? Was he going to come in to my house? Was he going to kiss me good night? We’re arrive at my house and he might as well should have stabbed me in the face when he said, “Okay, we’re here. I guess I’ll just drop you off.”

WTF man! Seriously?? 

SIDE NOTE: I failed to mention that back at the party I was walking passed him on my way to the kitchen. As he was trying to either put the camera back in his bag or take something out you wanna know what happens next?? A CONDOM…FALLS FLAT…ON THE FLOOR! I caught a quick glance of it and pretended I didn’t see as I casually strolled back into the kitchen. But I heard him kind of chuckle a little like a that-was-embarrassing kinda way.

BUT YES! He has a freaking condom on hand because he is thinking about putting his P in my V yet he won’t even KISS ME! I feel like I’ve reverted back to high school where every action is some milestone! I mean thank goodness we got to the hand holding but jeez! It was our third date. You are allowed to make some moves. Even a little tongue action. No tongue? No problem! I can deal with a close-mouthed kiss. Let’s just make contact with some orifices!

Okay, I kid…kind of. Part of me is super flattered and even more attracted to the fact that he isn’t an asshole trying to just bone. And that we should just enjoy this innocent courting. But then the other part of me wants to have a hot throwdown. Just up against his car, my couch, WHATEVER! But then again my success rate after those little hot numbers hasn’t been so great so maybe this dude is onto something.

Needless to say I said goodbye, got out of his car and slammed the door. Then I stomped across my lawn, shoved my key in the lock, and proceeded to yell a bit in my living room. I was FUMING! What was going on?! I started to pace, muttering, “This isn’t right! Is something wrong? Oh gosh, please don’t let me be some untouchable girl in his eyes. I can’t be someone else’s little doll.  THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!”

I grabbed my phone and texted him two simple words: TURN AROUND.
I threw my phone onto my couch, stormed into my kitchen and poured myself a healthy glass of wine. That motherfucker…he is not going to leave me hanging when we both know we are not going to be able to see each other for a while.

Moments later I hear a tapping on my screendoor. And you would THINK that we would just have some mad makeout session right then and there. BUT NO! BECAUSE WE ARE SO WEIRD! WHAT THE WHAT!?!

I let him in and we hung out on my couch. And I start to care less about that madness and just enjoy being there on that couch with him. I remind myself that I am the most comfortable around him than the other boys. The whole time we’re there he takes my hand or rubs my arms, shoulders, legs…
He’s very much into touch. He even asked me if it bothered me. Normally I am not that touchy feely but I actaully don’t mind him. Nor do I mind when he touches base and checks in. We even paused at one point and commented at how seamless this all was, how comfortable and easy everything is, how goddam cute/hot we are! (HA!)

At some point I moved from leaning my head on his shoulder to laying my head in his lap because I was getting really tired. He just continued to rub my back and run his fingers through my hair as we ask each other the getting-to-know-you questions that are always exciting because this is a brave new world.

It was past 2am and we knew we had to end this. I sat up and wrapped my arms around him for our hug. And it was weird because this was the perfect moment to make SOME move. But nothing happened. Just hugged. I got a quick kiss on the cheek. WHY I DIDN’T JUST MAUL HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE, AND TAKE INITIATIVE INTO MY OWN HANDS WAS BEYOND ME! I’m kicking myself. Maybe he is being polite and wants me to make the first move? Well, sir, I accept that challenge for next time.

Since then we still “talk” every day. I was even just G-chatting with him a few minutes ago for a before-bed check in.

My teasing and griping about our high school style courtship aside things are fucking amazing. And we have tentative plans for this Saturday! It may even be MY turn to meet HIS friends. (gahhhh).

Shit is getting real.

There are firsts for everything…

16 Nov

I forget who I was talking about about this but we were discussing first kisses. Maybe it was with my co-worker/friend/neighbour. Regardless, we started to reminisce our first kisses.

(Okay, yeah, it was totally with my co-worker/friend/neighbour and her boyf…at a bar)

I was 16ish. This was my first REAL kiss, okay! My first ambush kiss was when I was probably…5? Boy next door. Tino or something. He came over to play. Next thing I knew he pinned me down on the couch and lay a wet one on me. Naturally I freaked! Then I shoved him off and hid behind my mom’s skirt.

The 16 year old kiss. I was a…freshman? And Mike Land was a Junior. Older guy. New kid in school. He was in my Spanish class. Such a broody boy. Flash forward to D Hall  many moons later. It was a Friday afternoon…right before Halloween weekend. Mike walks me to my locker then hoists me up, and asks he he can kiss me. Typical me answer, “Um…okay, I guess.” And we proceed to make out. And typical me starts to giggle in the middle of it. This snowballs into Mike Land getting really self conscious. Then he proceeds to ignore me for the rest of the year. Sheesh! It’s not like a laughed at your peen, dude.

Soooo flash forward to a few a little over a month ago. Maybe two months at this point? I start talking to this one guy on OKC. I forget who messaged whom first. I have a feeling it was him messaging me about my music taste, which happens to be similar to his. And that’s what gets the ball rolling: Music.That and he recognized that I am sitting in line at Cinespia in my profile picture.

He reminds me of a guy I dated in college in that they have very similar tastes in music. Very much the shoe-gazer, lo-fi stuff. And in some instances he kinda resembled him? Crazy and crazy but I kept trucking along. A few messages later we decide to meet up for drinks. We come to an agreement that we should meet at a beer bar. As luck would have it, he just heard about a new beer bar in Koreatown.  Fabulous! My first OKC date is set!

I let one or two friends know where I am meeting said guy and promise I would text them when I got home.

Of course I am running late because of work. Thankfully he is a gem about it and let’s us push our meet time.

I get to the place (kinda hard to find but I manage).

Get out of the car. Gloss my lips. Do a quick glance at his OKC profile to make sure I have my talking points straight (and visual of his face implanted in my brain) so that I am not a total loser looking around the bar. Then I enter the bar with a vengeance, glance around, and see this guy straight ahead making eye contact with me. He’s alone and I kind of recognize the eyes. Bam. It’s him.

And I’m not impressed.

He stands up to give me a hug.

And I continue to not be impressed.

I know, I am horrible! But I’m a short girl…who happens to be attracted to tall dudes…because I am short. So when I encounter a not-that-impressive-on-my-eyes guy who is not that much taller than me…well…yeah.

But I’m giving this the ol’ college try because for all I know I am a total uggo to him, too! At this point I have so much energy coursing through my veins and am talking a mile a minute. Energy just spewing out of my ears!

We walk to the bar…we order drinks…we order food…we get our flight of beer…we take it back to our table. And so begins the date banter.

This is actually really fun. I love meeting new people and asking a ton of questions. So this knack for gab comes in handy at this point.

The Architect (we’ll call him that because I eventually found out it is how he makes a living) is pretty fun. Good sense of humour, for sure, and carried the conversation well. But I’ve already made up my mind that I will be filing him under the FRIEND category.

Halloween costume talk comes up and we end up looking through photos from his Halloween party last year on his phone. Super helpful tips for me, fun to criticize and adore certain schticks, etc etc.

Work talk comes up, too He has a business trip that following morning. Something fun, though, because he gets to present some designs to a partner office. Architect was also reading a book while he waited for me so I asked him about it. It was a book about blues and jazz. Me likey.

Architect and I spend a good 3 hours together? I’m pretty tipsy at this point because of all the beer flights. We even share a few glasses. And he was a gent and paid for everything! I even offered but he shooed my card away. Good date points for him!

We were pretty beat so he walks me to my car. He makes a comment about my dress and compliments my legs. I curtsy and thank him.

It’s the hug good night. I made it a hearty hug. Said something about how much fun I had and how I was so glad to finally meet him (all of which was the truth), and wished him luck on his trip.

I never reached out to him again and he never reached back out to me. We were even. It was what it was. And I think he even deleted his profile.

Great ice breaker all around. I got one OKC date under my belt! I was feeling confident. I could do this!

Enter the rush of the chase. It was all so thrilling and I wanted more…