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There are firsts for everything…

16 Nov

I forget who I was talking about about this but we were discussing first kisses. Maybe it was with my co-worker/friend/neighbour. Regardless, we started to reminisce our first kisses.

(Okay, yeah, it was totally with my co-worker/friend/neighbour and her boyf…at a bar)

I was 16ish. This was my first REAL kiss, okay! My first ambush kiss was when I was probably…5? Boy next door. Tino or something. He came over to play. Next thing I knew he pinned me down on the couch and lay a wet one on me. Naturally I freaked! Then I shoved him off and hid behind my mom’s skirt.

The 16 year old kiss. I was a…freshman? And Mike Land was a Junior. Older guy. New kid in school. He was in my Spanish class. Such a broody boy. Flash forward to D Hall¬† many moons later. It was a Friday afternoon…right before Halloween weekend. Mike walks me to my locker then hoists me up, and asks he he can kiss me. Typical me answer, “Um…okay, I guess.” And we proceed to make out. And typical me starts to giggle in the middle of it. This snowballs into Mike Land getting really self conscious. Then he proceeds to ignore me for the rest of the year. Sheesh! It’s not like a laughed at your peen, dude.

Soooo flash forward to a few a little over a month ago. Maybe two months at this point? I start talking to this one guy on OKC. I forget who messaged whom first. I have a feeling it was him messaging me about my music taste, which happens to be similar to his. And that’s what gets the ball rolling: Music.That and he recognized that I am sitting in line at Cinespia in my profile picture.

He reminds me of a guy I dated in college in that they have very similar tastes in music. Very much the shoe-gazer, lo-fi stuff. And in some instances he kinda resembled him? Crazy and crazy but I kept trucking along. A few messages later we decide to meet up for drinks. We come to an agreement that we should meet at a beer bar. As luck would have it, he just heard about a new beer bar in Koreatown.  Fabulous! My first OKC date is set!

I let one or two friends know where I am meeting said guy and promise I would text them when I got home.

Of course I am running late because of work. Thankfully he is a gem about it and let’s us push our meet time.

I get to the place (kinda hard to find but I manage).

Get out of the car. Gloss my lips. Do a quick glance at his OKC profile to make sure I have my talking points straight (and visual of his face implanted in my brain) so that I am not a total loser looking around the bar. Then I enter the bar with a vengeance, glance around, and see this guy straight ahead making eye contact with me. He’s alone and I kind of recognize the eyes. Bam. It’s him.

And I’m not impressed.

He stands up to give me a hug.

And I continue to not be impressed.

I know, I am horrible! But I’m a short girl…who happens to be attracted to tall dudes…because I am short. So when I encounter a not-that-impressive-on-my-eyes guy who is not that much taller than me…well…yeah.

But I’m giving this the ol’ college try because for all I know I am a total uggo to him, too! At this point I have so much energy coursing through my veins and am talking a mile a minute. Energy just spewing out of my ears!

We walk to the bar…we order drinks…we order food…we get our flight of beer…we take it back to our table. And so begins the date banter.

This is actually really fun. I love meeting new people and asking a ton of questions. So this knack for gab comes in handy at this point.

The Architect (we’ll call him that because I eventually found out it is how he makes a living) is pretty fun. Good sense of humour, for sure, and carried the conversation well. But I’ve already made up my mind that I will be filing him under the FRIEND category.

Halloween costume talk comes up and we end up looking through photos from his Halloween party last year on his phone. Super helpful tips for me, fun to criticize and adore certain schticks, etc etc.

Work talk comes up, too He has a business trip that following morning. Something fun, though, because he gets to present some designs to a partner office. Architect was also reading a book while he waited for me so I asked him about it. It was a book about blues and jazz. Me likey.

Architect and I spend a good 3 hours together? I’m pretty tipsy at this point because of all the beer flights. We even share a few glasses. And he was a gent and paid for everything! I even offered but he shooed my card away. Good date points for him!

We were pretty beat so he walks me to my car. He makes a comment about my dress and compliments my legs. I curtsy and thank him.

It’s the hug good night. I made it a hearty hug. Said something about how much fun I had and how I was so glad to finally meet him (all of which was the truth), and wished him luck on his trip.

I never reached out to him again and he never reached back out to me. We were even. It was what it was. And I think he even deleted his profile.

Great ice breaker all around. I got one OKC date under my belt! I was feeling confident. I could do this!

Enter the rush of the chase. It was all so thrilling and I wanted more…