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Level 5 Ninja

29 Nov

To be quite honest, I wasn’t even that into him at first. This was sometime in mid-September. It was still my maiden voyage on the OKCupid seas and his profile kept popping up in my suggested matches.

He wasn’t exactly “my type”. But maybe this was the time to venture out of my tall-&-lanky-hipster-dude box and try something new.

But I was intrigued nonetheless. He was pretty cute. Some pictures were questionable. Most seemed “outdated” but all in all, a good crop of photos.

And he was a skydiver – perfect timing because I had been itching to jump out of plane so maybe his expertise would come in handy. But, like, every dude and their mother had skydiving photos so what makes him so special?

I did enjoy his profile. And was did have a soft spot for Jenga…

By the Numbers:

  • Match: 89%
  • Friend: 86%
  • Enemy: 3%

He sized up right in the compatibility department so I proceeded to engage. My message was short and sweet. Referenced his Jenga connoisseur-ness, then left it at that. Bait was set.

And he bit!

Smooth sense of humour? Check!

And so it began.

We literally sent each other these long, drawn out messages filled with getting-to-know-each-other questions, peppered with flirtatious teasing. It was all engaging. I loved “talking” to him because he was one of the rare guys on the site I could actually have decent interactions with. It was effortless and I looked forward to his responses, finding out about his days or weekends, learning more and more about him…getting skydiving tips! God, I sound like a fucking Hallmark movie but that’s how it was! Honest to goodness 21st Century, modern day courting.

After a few weeks I think we graduated to OKC IMs shortly after. Live -time banter.

Joked about his loft Downtown.

Did quick inventory of our liquor stash.

He sips his scotch. I drink my wine.

It was nearly 2am on a Sunday and he invites me over.  Joking? Maybe. As tempted as I was I proposed that we make plans for another night.

Let’s check our calendars.

Free all way except Friday.

Mirror schedules.

Let’s dovWednesday, he says. October 5th. He somehow convinced me to go Downtown. His ‘hood.

We’d get drinks. I was down.

And so it was done. In the books.

And the “good nights” were good.