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#CanIGetARecap – True Life: I Watched Twilight Breaking Dawn for a Dude

11 Dec

I sometimes catch myself grinning because this whole thing with Dude #5 is happening so swimmingly, and my smitten kitten levels are rising like woah!

Readers, when we last left off I was FINALLY leaving the office to meet up with 3D. I made a pit stop at CVS and scoured the First Aid aisle for surgical masks because if this dude is true blue then he would be up for silliness like WEARING A GOSH DARN SURGICAL MASK IN PUBLIC FOR ME because he claimed to be sick. (I ended up purchasing a box of 20 masks. What am I going to do with all these masks?!)

I made it to Downtown Culver City and parked at the Trader Joe’s because he had told me on date #1 that his office was directly behind it. I called him to let him know that I just parked and we decided to meet behind TJs. I could sense he was a bit “nervous” and I started to get butterflies myself! I mean, c’mon, any slight movements that night could either make or break it, naw’mean?

My sister kept me company via phone while I wanted because I was cold and needed a distraction. And then I see him walking towards me. (zomg I could see this smile forming on his face and I couldn’t help but grin like a goober because I was starting to have this FLEET of butterflies thrashing inside.)

The movie theater was right across the street so we made our way over, having small talk at the crosswalk. I’m feeling good at this point. We got this!

We both scope out the next Twilight showings and opt for the 9:40pm one. We have about an hour and a half before showtime so it was a perfect window to grab a drink or two.

Okay, so we’re both standing at those self-serve kiosks and are about to purchase our movie tickets. This is where I start to watch him like a hawk. I slowly rummage through my bag and pull out my wallet as he was initiating the transaction. I mean, fuck, he didn’t pay for the entire brunch on date #1 so I was expecting him to choose “1 Ticket”, complete the transaction, and have me teary-eyed if I had to buy my own ticket. But when I saw him choose “2 Tickets” I knew we had this!

Rush was just a few doors down and we find two spots at the bar. Extra dirty martini for me. Whiskey and soda for him.

Cue THE MOST FUN I’VE HAD AT A BAR! Ok, I may be exaggerating but I gotta say that I thoroughly enjoy talking to this dude. We literally had this amazing symbiotic flow going on. (Granted, “symbiotic” is not the right word because we are the same species but you get the point). And the most important part is that we laughed so much! He also gave me the stage for most of the night. At some moments I kept wondering if he is reading this blog because he was improving on all the points I had reservations about.  If that is that case then, um, hey. (Side note: I actually started to get nervous at some point when he had my phone. I was showing him pictures of my cat and then he started to flip through a few pictures on my phone. I had to grab it back lest he see some screenshots of random texts and OKC profiles for this blog. haha Fuck.)

We’re entering second drink mode and I am feeling fantastic. We shared our arrest stories – always a fun convo. At some point we started to talk about watching sports because different games were on the tvs at the bar, and he asked if I watched football. To which I replied that I don’t really follow sports but that I get into them if I’m watching, especially if they are big games like the Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics, yadda yadda. I don’t know why this made him so happy but all he kept saying was that he wanted to hug me at that moment. He didn’t…but it’s the intent that counts, I suppose 🙂

He pays for our drinks and then slams two markers onto the bar. My eyes lit up like a freaking Christmas tree. I then start to dig through my purse and slam down the box of surgical masks. If my life were a TV show (and it should be) then all the viewers would have been the two of us GLOWING at that moment. Here we were in the face of awesomeness because we are hanging out with another person who is just DOWN to be silly. I start to flash to that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly and Paul steal masks at the 5 and dime, then run off into the streets.

The bartender is somewhat confused at the props we had strewn in front of us. I straighten my back and tell him that we have surgery later that night. I even ask both bartender and date to help me choose surgery gloves (a.k.a mittens) for the evening. Here are two dudes looking at my fingerless versions and straight up mittens. I look over at 3D and he says, “Wear the ones with no fingers. It will be easier for me to hold your hand tonight.”

GAH! I slipped those gloves on so fast! I even put on a “sparkly” sweater because he made a comment a few days beforehand about wanting to see me sparkle like Edward Cullen. When he saw me put it on he was pretty damn amazed that I brought the sparkle factor. We had this!

I wanted popcorn because I was starving. As I was in line engaging with the guy behind the counter I could feel 3D’s hand slightly graze my back. The best part is that I could sense he was being cautious. I start to lean back into his hand for positive reinforcement. But that doesn’t help because I got so fidgety and skipped around the lobby to make my way to the soda fountain. (I should apologize to him in advance because he will rarely get me sitting still)

In the movie theater we make our way to the back. Actually, let me rephrase that. I LED us to the back row because I wanted to be silly without anyone seeing us fidget in our seats. We start to try on the masks and he hands me a Sharpie. I am laughing hysterically at this point and start to draw, nay, ATTEMPT to draw a mustache on his mask. Clearly I was failing so handed him back the marker. He’s an animator for crying out loud! He should duly be in charge of all drawing duties in this relationship. He finished his then drew a skeezy rapist goatee on mine. We were getting high off the fumes – it was bad.

During the entire movie we were giggling so hard and were plain mortified at what was going on before us. Actually, I think he was actually enjoying the movie. I’d look over and see him engaged, and I’d proceed to give him this shocked look. He did come in handy when I’d ask for some background story to fill in the gaps because he knew a bit of what was going on. All in all I HATED the movie but did find it amusing. The movie is HILARIOUS because it is SO BAD! At some points he would lean in and apologize profusely. I’d even catch him whisper, “Oh God, I really need to make this up to you. I am soooooo sorry.” I am still laughing so hard because we were still wearing our masks. I was so happy. The movie ended and  I tell him that I was using him as the excuse as to why I watched this movie. My friends need to know that it was all his idea. Apparently he was doing the same. “Girls dig this movie so, yeah, I’m taking her to see it because she wants to.”

Okay, so I thought FOR SURE that he was going to put the moves on me during the movie. But no. No reaching for my hand. No cheesy arm around my shoulder. No attempt to even kiss me through our masks! But he still needs to walk me to my car so I had some hope.

Then we get to my car. Actually, we get to the level where my car was parked and I make my way over to a yellow corvette that clearly was not mine. His eyes widen when we sees me start to shake the door handles, trying to get in. Bold moves.

We eventually stand by my car and go in for some hugs. I thought for sure he would kiss me here. But no. And I couldn’t bring myself to do it because it was starting to feel awkward. But boy did I want to kiss him right then and there. I could sense he was thinking the same thing so we just continued to shuffle around and have more small talk. We actually started to talk about my tattoo – another good convo topic.We go in for ANOTHER hug. STILL NOTHING! I give up at that point. As he walked away he turned around and held up his mask. “Next time we’ll have to try kissing each other with these on.”

WHAT!?! He’s just teasing me at this point!

On the ride home I text him:
ME: “I can’t believe you are making me wait for our junior high make out party!
HIM: Oh it is NOT by choice. If my mouth didn’t taste like a chalky lozenge I’d have gone all Edward Cullen on yo ass 😉
HIM: Ugh…I can’t believe I just said that…

I am actually kinda glad nothing happened. I am rather enjoying that we are going slow. I’ve been used to jumping right in to X, Y and Z with other dudes so this is so refreshing! It’s really sweet. My new concern now is that he may feel pressured to go big or go home next time we see each other! Then it gets all weird and awkward and forced. Bleh.

We will have to see next time (read: TODAY).

Yeah, he totally asked me out for a THIRD date. It’s today. Best part? He is crashing a small friend gathering. We are making pasta (like MAKING pasta) and having dinner/drinks at a friend’s house. Moment of truth! He will be around my small group of core friends! He will see how I am in my element. And my friends are going to scrutinize him like woah…it’s going to be amazing. He has also volunteered to be our photographer for the evening which is nice of him.

So now I need to fucking clean my lil’ home and make it presentable. I’m pretty excited to see him again. We both are!

Added bonus? We “talk” (read: text) everyday throughout the day. He’s been good about initiating and checking in with me. I kind of like this. My heart does somersaults when I see his name pop up on my phone. Everything is going so well! He even helped calm me down when I started to have a mini freak out moment minutes before I was about to jump out of a plane. He was super supportive. The entire exchange was disgustingly sweet. It was, like, total BF duty!


There are firsts for everything…

16 Nov

I forget who I was talking about about this but we were discussing first kisses. Maybe it was with my co-worker/friend/neighbour. Regardless, we started to reminisce our first kisses.

(Okay, yeah, it was totally with my co-worker/friend/neighbour and her boyf…at a bar)

I was 16ish. This was my first REAL kiss, okay! My first ambush kiss was when I was probably…5? Boy next door. Tino or something. He came over to play. Next thing I knew he pinned me down on the couch and lay a wet one on me. Naturally I freaked! Then I shoved him off and hid behind my mom’s skirt.

The 16 year old kiss. I was a…freshman? And Mike Land was a Junior. Older guy. New kid in school. He was in my Spanish class. Such a broody boy. Flash forward to D Hall  many moons later. It was a Friday afternoon…right before Halloween weekend. Mike walks me to my locker then hoists me up, and asks he he can kiss me. Typical me answer, “Um…okay, I guess.” And we proceed to make out. And typical me starts to giggle in the middle of it. This snowballs into Mike Land getting really self conscious. Then he proceeds to ignore me for the rest of the year. Sheesh! It’s not like a laughed at your peen, dude.

Soooo flash forward to a few a little over a month ago. Maybe two months at this point? I start talking to this one guy on OKC. I forget who messaged whom first. I have a feeling it was him messaging me about my music taste, which happens to be similar to his. And that’s what gets the ball rolling: Music.That and he recognized that I am sitting in line at Cinespia in my profile picture.

He reminds me of a guy I dated in college in that they have very similar tastes in music. Very much the shoe-gazer, lo-fi stuff. And in some instances he kinda resembled him? Crazy and crazy but I kept trucking along. A few messages later we decide to meet up for drinks. We come to an agreement that we should meet at a beer bar. As luck would have it, he just heard about a new beer bar in Koreatown.  Fabulous! My first OKC date is set!

I let one or two friends know where I am meeting said guy and promise I would text them when I got home.

Of course I am running late because of work. Thankfully he is a gem about it and let’s us push our meet time.

I get to the place (kinda hard to find but I manage).

Get out of the car. Gloss my lips. Do a quick glance at his OKC profile to make sure I have my talking points straight (and visual of his face implanted in my brain) so that I am not a total loser looking around the bar. Then I enter the bar with a vengeance, glance around, and see this guy straight ahead making eye contact with me. He’s alone and I kind of recognize the eyes. Bam. It’s him.

And I’m not impressed.

He stands up to give me a hug.

And I continue to not be impressed.

I know, I am horrible! But I’m a short girl…who happens to be attracted to tall dudes…because I am short. So when I encounter a not-that-impressive-on-my-eyes guy who is not that much taller than me…well…yeah.

But I’m giving this the ol’ college try because for all I know I am a total uggo to him, too! At this point I have so much energy coursing through my veins and am talking a mile a minute. Energy just spewing out of my ears!

We walk to the bar…we order drinks…we order food…we get our flight of beer…we take it back to our table. And so begins the date banter.

This is actually really fun. I love meeting new people and asking a ton of questions. So this knack for gab comes in handy at this point.

The Architect (we’ll call him that because I eventually found out it is how he makes a living) is pretty fun. Good sense of humour, for sure, and carried the conversation well. But I’ve already made up my mind that I will be filing him under the FRIEND category.

Halloween costume talk comes up and we end up looking through photos from his Halloween party last year on his phone. Super helpful tips for me, fun to criticize and adore certain schticks, etc etc.

Work talk comes up, too He has a business trip that following morning. Something fun, though, because he gets to present some designs to a partner office. Architect was also reading a book while he waited for me so I asked him about it. It was a book about blues and jazz. Me likey.

Architect and I spend a good 3 hours together? I’m pretty tipsy at this point because of all the beer flights. We even share a few glasses. And he was a gent and paid for everything! I even offered but he shooed my card away. Good date points for him!

We were pretty beat so he walks me to my car. He makes a comment about my dress and compliments my legs. I curtsy and thank him.

It’s the hug good night. I made it a hearty hug. Said something about how much fun I had and how I was so glad to finally meet him (all of which was the truth), and wished him luck on his trip.

I never reached out to him again and he never reached back out to me. We were even. It was what it was. And I think he even deleted his profile.

Great ice breaker all around. I got one OKC date under my belt! I was feeling confident. I could do this!

Enter the rush of the chase. It was all so thrilling and I wanted more…