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behind door #5

2 Dec

Guess who has a date this Saturday.

This gal!

This will be OKCupid Dude #5.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actually been interested in meeting up with someone new because pickins have been slim. Simply put, a majority of the dudes who contact me are either “meh” or just plain annoying as feck.

Ok. This one needs a nickname. Let’s go with “3D” because he’s a 3D animator. Done and done.

I had noticed him scoping out my profile. (Perusing the list of folks who scope out my profile is one of my new favorite past times. Forreals!) Then I see a message from him in my inbox. He started off strong and on the right foot. While I do appreciate it when guys reference items from my profile (because it somewhat indicates that they are engaged) the messages still sound forced. 3D’s message, on the other hand, referenced things that people normally wouldn’t care to address. He also added in his own personal touch to his commentary which I appreciated! And I’ll hand it to him for weaving in different elements of my profile.

Par example: I happen to mention that I tend to adjust toilet paper so that it falls “over-down”, not “under-down”. Very OCD of me, I know, but I do this. All. The. Time. I usually just get guys thanking me for my valiant and noble efforts. I’m actually convinced I’ve unearthed like me! But 3D goes the extra mile. Brownie points for making me laugh. And attempting to one-up me!

I am intrigued so I actually budge and write him back. The back-and-forth has actually been pretty swell. Fun quips and anecdotes. So far I am not bored!

By The Numbers:

  • Match: 83%
  • Friend: 84%
  • Enemy: 11%

Pas mal

And he’s pretty cute. (I showed a friend of mine his profile and pictures over dinner tonight. Friend verdict? “I’m intrigued. He seems pretty good so far. And he doesn’t look bad. But let’s make sure he’s sporting the short hair look.”) Ah-greed! He definitely looks hotter with the shorter hair. Fingers crossed!

If I had to identify an actor he resembles I’d say he has some Robert Downey Jr. qualities about him. Can’t complain there.

Miscellany? Bikes. Well traveled. From Florida (another out of state transplant). Apparently he welds? I didn’t even notice that bit until my friend pointed it out.

Potential red flag? He’s into cosplay. I know what that means but what does it mean?? Also, it appears that he is into Asian culture. Like, I feel like he is more Asian than I am. Anime, Japanese culture, really into pho…all fine and dandy but let’s just hope he isn’t, like, an Asian girl fetishist or whatever. I’ve met, known, and lived in close proximity with said dudes. It just gets weird!

Date bomb was dropped in last night’s message. I actually received it whilst being held prisoner at an LAX (airport) parking structure after a loooooong travel day. So, needless to say, being asked out by a guy I’m interested in brightened my exhausting day.

He acted fast in sending his avails because I warned him that my upcoming weeks were getting booked like wildfire. I mean, c’mon! December is holiday party time, friend gatherings, birthdays, ET AL! Plus, work ain’t slowing down any time soon. I’m a busy girl.

We landed on Saturday afternoon. He actually brought up potentially taking me to an underground badass Bingo event that’s happening Downtown. He sent me a link to the Facebook invite and it looks fucking amazing! But we both agreed that having our first encounter go down during a wild event like that may get tricky. So we’re having a day date! What does one do on a day date?! I think I’ve only had one day date since being a self sufficient adult (awwwww, mall dates with my boyfriends…making out in mall stairwells…coming home smelling of cheap and embarrassingly strong cologne!) and that was to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City.

I think we’re going the food route. Late lunch, mayhaps? I threw in that we should go to a place that has bloody marys. I may be spunky but I’m still going to want some liquid courage. Plus, bloody marys rock my world! (What is it with me and Vodka/olive drinks lately?)

Not going to lie, I’m pretty stoked! Not really nervous, although, I just got a haircut tonight and I need to get comfortable with it. Other than that I should be golden! First date with a fifth! (Wow, I totally just sounded like Bill from “Big Love” courting a new wife.)

And I leave you with another one of his anecdotes that has me thinking that he’s true blue. This is almost as good as Hot-For-Teacher’s cup-o-noodles story.



29 Nov

Ahhhh yes, another gem that found its way into my OKCupid inbox