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peas and carrots

2 Jan

New Year. Fresh Start.

I had the entire week off last week. It was absolutely glorious! Not only did I get to spend time with my family and friends but I also spent practically every day with “3D”. Like…every single day. Minus Christmas, of course but yeah…pretty much spent the entire break together.

It’s freaking crazy! It didn’t occur to me until someone asked but we have been dating for a month now! It’s been so pleasant. I’m actually really happy we got to spend the week together – sans work, sans worries.

For those curious – the brunch with my sister on Christmas Eve went swimmingly. Granted, my sister and I were hungover (her more so) but we all had a grand time. I even got the stamp of approval from my sister who stated that he is the guy version of me.

He even came to my post-holiday game night.
And we hung out at his new place.
And we were lazy beach ones.
And he crashed at my place.
And we spent a few days at Lake Arrowhead together with my friends!! (If we didn’t go to Arrowhead we were actually thinking of driving up the coast and getting lost in the Bay Area).

But let’s back up and revel in the fact that this dude has spent so much time with me AND my friends! Like…that’s HUGE! He’s even met my sister. AND he almost met my mom. HE WANTED TO MEET MY MOM!

And can we also pause at the fact that he and I spent a weekend away together?! Full on vacay status with this dude. WE ARE A FUCKING COUPLE! Not gonna lie. I am actually diggin’ this. I thought it would be weird but we are so comfortable together that it was not awkward. I never felt like I was “trapped in the woods” with him.

Common themes: everyone has come up to me on separate occasions and mentioned how we look cute together. My friends also love him. And everyone has told me that they genuinely sense that he is so into me. This makes me happy because I actually like this fella’. It’s also obvious that this dude CANNOT keep his paws off of me. I mean, I do the same but he is sooo touchy feely. The funny thing is that I typically cannot stand PDA. But I find myself leaning into him more, letting him take my hand, kiss the top of my head, and just plain ol’ hold me like I’m the only thing that matters. And he holds me in bed without making me feel smothered. I don’t find myself setting a timer in my head for cuddle sessions. WHO HAVE I BECOME!?!?!


Did I mention that we pretended to be married at Arrowhead? We had to fill out some forms when we went snow tubing, and the adult forms had lines for “Adult” & “Spouse”. He totally played along and even let me sign with his last name. I hyphenated, of course, but can we pause again at how this did not feel weird at all for him or me?! We even joked about me taking half of everything. “What’s mine is yours.”

We didn’t spend New Year’s Eve together. We briefly discussed it but both agreed that we should do our own things. Plus, he hadn’t seen his friends in forever so I couldn’t force him to be part of my group yet again. While I was a bit bummed about it I was ultimately glad we did our own thing. He did text me at midnight ON THE DOT to wish me a Happy New Year. I had told him earlier that day that I would do the same, maybe even call him. But I didn’t because I was too occupied. And when I looked down at my phone I felt like such an asshole. I texted him back and let him know I was late but that I missed him. And I did. It was kinda funny how everyone was asking about him, wondering why we weren’t together. We wanted to do our own thing! Ain’t nothing super wrong with that. Right?

However, I did feel a bit horrible because right around midnight I had spotted my unrequited love across the room at the party. And he saw me. And his face lit up as he rushed over to where I was standing. We looked at each other, smiling, and counted down for our epic reunion. “3, 2, 1” and I was in his arms above the ground. It hurt so good! We professed that we missed each other’s faces, that we still loved each other’s hearts and brains. He told my friends about our divorce. The divorce that still lingers in my blood.

In addition to opening up old wounds I also found myself enjoying the attention I got from the dapper fellas at the party! I was on fire! And I was so close to straying a bit too far but I stopped myself because it 3D did the same thing I would be devastated! DAMN THAT DOUBLE STANDARD!!

Which brings me to the new question popping in my head: What are we doing?

I don’t think he is dating anyone else. And I’ve mainly been seeing him over these past few weeks. I haven’t even had the urge to log on to OKCupid despite the many messages and alerts I’ve been receiving. So what now? Am I supposed to bring something up? Is he supposed to bring something up? I “committed” to a date or two with some other folks before the break. Do I cancel them? I want to but part of me wants to still go on them…but it would only be to tell me what I already know. Gah!

Today was the first day we didn’t really talk all day and it made me a bit uneasy. WHO AM I BECOMING?!?!

That was my holiday break with the dude in a nutshell. More nitty gritty to come when I am not so brain dead.


Come Here. Stay With Me. Stroke Me By The Hair.

18 Dec

I’m sitting at this laptop still in the same outfit I was in yesterday. Just a bit more disheveled.

So yesterday happened! I made my way to the West Side. ZOMG remind me to find a better way to get there if I continue to see 3D because dumb traffic is just dumb.

I get to his place and arrive in the midst of moving chaos. Him and his room mates are in the process of moving out so beds and box springs were everywhere. I got to meet the roomies (yay).

Upon arriving 3D presents me with a gift bag. Before I headed over he asked me if I liked chocolate. Turns out his friend is a chocolatier (sp?) and he was giving me some home made chocolates. It was really sweet when I saw the note: “Don’t Get Sick. xo”. I had told him that I love chocolate and all things dairy but can’t eat too much because I am lactose intolerant. So that little note was perfect.

After chit chatting with everyone for a bit we got in his car and drove to 3rd Street Promenade. Our plans to bike ride at the beach were foiled because of the on-and-off rain. We ended up roaming the stacks at Barnes & Noble, discussing different books, and then reading for an hour in a quiet corner. I mean, c’mon! This was such a comfortable date thing! He is even starting to read “The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” because I suggested he do so. It’s one of my favourite books and I loved looking over and seeing him smile and laugh to himself. I was a bit skeptical about us just hanging out in the bookstore but it was probably the most relaxed I was all day because we were finding time to do what I wish I had more time to do. And we were doing it together. (Vomit inducing, I know.)

Afterwards we were on the hunt for dinner. Steamed mussels to be exact. We finally found a place that had them. Plus, it was a wine bar to boot! (By the by, Sonoma Wine Bar is tres adorable!) We sat out on the patio under the protection of umbrellas and heat lamps. The rain was not going to put a damper in our evening!

Everything that came out of our mouths made us think that it was fate that we met. We even neurotically  adjusted our wine glasses on the table to ensure they were symmetrical with the grooves on the tabletop! (Don’t ask.) He also told me about how he talks about me to his friends (and physicians who bring me up on his visits…I know right?) I think the best part was when he asked me if I noticed anything from the pasta dinner party. I tried to pretend like I had no idea what he was talking about. But yeah…I confessed that that was the funniest thing that could have happened at that moment. (Yeah, we totally brought up the condom falling out of his camera bag situation.) We were laughing so hard because it was so bad that it made it so good! We were both glad we could laugh about it, though, especially him.

Then the conversation took an awkward turn.
ME: Yeah, I thought it was weird that you were prepared to take me to bed but hadn’t even held my hand yet.
HIM: Hmmmm yeah, well this may not make it better but that condom was not in there for you.


ME: Oh…yeah that doesn’t make me feel better at all
HIM: What I meant is that I had condoms on there from a while ago…before you…and I forgot they were in there.
ME: Oh…okay.

And I didn’t know how to feel at that moment. I mean, he does wanna jump my bones, right?!

After dinner we head back to his place but make a pitstop at Yogurtland. However, we get sidetracked and enter the Giant Robot store and purchased random knick-knacks.

Back at his place. No one is home. Perfect. We hung out in his room, browse through his art books, have show-and-tell with his bike gear (the fact that he is so passionate about bikes and how things work is so hot), and he even played me the soundtrack to the bike ride that we never had that day. I loved it, and could picture badass him up front with speakers blasting from his backpack, and dainty me peddling behind him. Picture perfect. Makes me sick! 🙂

I rummaged through his stuff and found a level. I proceeded to check to see if things in his room were level. Even us. 🙂

I lay down and rest a bit because I am tired and a bit tipsy from the wine. At this point he is so late for meeting up with his buddies at karaoke. I felt bad but part of me just wanted to stay there in his, curled up next to him. He smelled so freaking good and was the perfect temperature. (I hate when guys are way too warm and you start to get uncomfortable from the combined body heat). And it felt so good to just be in his arms. I didn’t feel as bad when he said that he liked “this”, just laying there, talking, asking me questions, getting to know me.

I couldn’t believe it but it felt right for me too! Who am I becoming?!?!  Minutes turn to hours. He’s obviously not leaving for karaoke anytime soon OR AT ALL. I am obviously not going back home to finish up some work. So why not let the make out session begin? And boy did it! We probably were in that bed for a couple hours just, well, making out! I was taken aback at how sweet it was. No attempt to go under my unmentionables. What was happening!?!? I even took off my tights to make it easier for him but nope. Not a move was made under my bra or panties.

a.) wow. this guy had major self control
b.) wow. is this the first time since HS that a guy was not going to make a major move during a MAJOR MAKE OUT SESSION?!I think my HS boyfriend moved faster than him!

Seriously. I should not bash on his gentlemanly ways but man, how was that possible?!?! We’re adults here! Let’s do adult things! Of course I started to get self conscious and held back from reaching down his pants because it seemed like he wants to wait.

Let’s just pause again and marvel at this man’s self control! I am practically ready to let him have his way with me but he was standing his ground! Frustrating but sweet at the same time. He was obviously into it but definitely. holding. back. Ahhhhh okay, if he wants to wait then we will wait. But if I had balls at that moment they were most definitely blue.

I later told my best friend about it this morning.

Okay, I may not be overtly sexual on the outside but I need someone who can also take the wheel in the bedroom. I need that throwdown. As horrible as this may sound I would be very sad if I didn’t have that balance of “awesome dude” and “awesome in bed dude”. I need that full suite of services, man! The complete package! And I think he is good. The whole gyrations in the hip area were very sensual. I mean, if he can move that well then maybe I have nothing to worry about. All good things to come, right? (Again, it was total HS humping above clothes. Hot. But…ugh.)

Anywho, make out session was still pretty hot and fun. I foresee another case of beard burn. I love dudes with facial hair but it really pulls a number on my face.

It’s almost 2am at this point. No way I am in the mood to drive home but I think he was already expecting me to spend the night. He even started to look for a spare toothbrush for me. WHAT THE WHAT?!?! When he thought he didn’t have one he even offered to go to the corner store and get me one. WHAT THE WHAT?!?! Who was this guy being so fucking sweet to me!?

He eventually found one. Before handing it to me he inspected the box to make sure that the brush had soft bristles, not medium, because he didn’t want it to hurt. WHO. ARE. YOU.

I even got to wear one of his shirts. He got me water. He even happened to have some Hello Kitty boy shorts for me (don’t ask.)

(Oh side note: earlier in the night I got to try on some fun and cute tiger PJs of his. How do I not own my own pair with the hood and everything?!)

This dude is a weirdo. A quirky weirdo just like me. This could be both good and bad. Can a couple have two wild cards? Is that even legal?

We brushed our teeth together. Watched some TV before bed. He made sure I was warm enough.  Then we cuddled some more. He would just stroke my hair, kiss the top of my head, and hold my hand. He would also ask me different questions about, well, me. “I can’t help but want to get to know more about you.”

This was so couply! I couldn’t believe it. It’s like just happening organically. It’s all super nice but I am not gonna lie. I am scared as fuck! I know that I just need to chill the fuck out and take everything as it comes. But ZOMG I am both thrilled to the core and scared. Many people will tell me to just be thrilled, to not overthink it. But I can’t help it. This is major, right? I don’t normally do relationships and here I am practically on the cusp of one. I keep thinking I should date a few more dudes. I mean, that was the point of getting on OKCupid – to date a bunch of dudes and experience this random social experiment.


I am happy, though. He helps me pull away from my status quo, and I need that. I have been focused so much on my career that I continuously just told myself that I didn’t have time for a dude. I don’t really make much time for anytime else but work. But it has left my personal life and health in shambles. Could it be? Am I actually attempting this work/life balance I read so much about?


Crashing the Party

16 Dec

How I am up at 7ish in the AM post company holiday party is beyond me. I apologize in advance to what could be a lame post by a slightly hungover me. And let me just say that last night was so amazing! My friend and I got all gussied up – got our hair all did, got the face all made up. Seriously, I could get used to getting pampered and dolled up on the regular like that. And the dress my friends picked up earlier in the week was so fun! A ton of investment went into all of this [cue my hand motioning up and down by body]. And that was when I thought (and my friends thought) that 3D needed to see me in all my glory!

Of course we were texting all night then I finally thought, “Fuck it. He doesn’t live that far from this venue so I shall ask him to come by.” And I did. And he accepted my invite! He was finally home, about to have a quiet evening and recover from being sick and in pain from some face procedure. And that was a main reason I didn’t think he would come because he was still healing. BUT HE FREAKING PULLED THROUGH!

Enter my resourcefulness because now I had to find him an extra wristband to get in!

I made my way over to the hostess table and gave it to them straight.
“Look. I gave my extra guest wristband to my best friend. I know all guests need a wristband but I’ve started seeing this guy and I REALLY want him to stop by and see me looking like THIS. I know this sounds stupid but I really like him and just want to see him so bad tonight. So can you two gals help a girl out?”

At first I sensed some hesitation but after much pouting on my end I see one of them dig under the podium and slyly hand me a wristband. HOW MUCH DID I LOVE THEM AT THAT MOMENT! The other girl leaned over, winked and said she completely understood and that she had been in my position before. I enthusiastically hugged both of them and promised to make it count.

About half an hour later the hostess finds me at the bar and asks if I knew a [insert his name here]. He made it! I pranced over to the podium, grinning from ear to ear. He saw me and, naturally, I twirled to give him the full effect of my dress. I must say he was quite impressed. GOOD! All my friends were saying that I was a knockout and I was going to get mileage all night.

Liquid courage was flowing through my system so I grabbed his hand and made our way over to my crew. I was the happiest clam in the bunch because I had my guy on my arm.

We made the rounds. We danced our hearts out. (We were both so glad that we both love to dance). He’d get me water to  keep me hydrated. And when we had down time we’d sneak off to a booth and have mad cuddle sessions. (Later in the night we commented on how we thoroughly enjoyed our cuddle fests. And this is huge because I normally don’t like to be affectionate in public.This was BIG!) There were even moments when I sat on his lap while we watched everyone on the dance floor. The liquid courage got stronger and the inner tiger was getting loose. I’d start to wrap one arm around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder. I knew his face hurt a bit so I prefaced my next actions by apologizing in advance for potentially hurting him. Then I did it. I just leaned in and kissed him! Threshold crossed!

Needless to say we kissed throughout the evening – in the booth, on the dance floor, at the bar. Not, like, sloppy kisses because I am a classy lady in front of my work peers. But I was on cloud 9. My friends were also giddy for me as they caught glimpses of the early stages of awesomeness! (And ohmygawd I can’t believe I was so comfortable with the public displays of affection! Who am i?!?!)

Time to turn in. The dude offered to take me home! But I couldn’t do that to him so I insisted I would just take a cab as originally planned.
“Alright. I will do whatever you want to do.” And that  is when I realized that this may be why he didn’t pay for me on our first date? Because he didn’t want to infringe on my feminism? As I type that out I realize that it sounds so stupid but does that make sense? Whatever.

He walks me to the curb where we were all waiting for our cabs. He held me close because I was a shivering leaf. As I was curled up in his arms he would kiss the top of my head. Gah! I adore him!

Can we just pause and say how freaking amazing it was that he actually came out! FOR ME! He is true blue. Added bonus: everyone loved/loves him. Mmmmhmmmm

“We Met During Our First Skydives”

11 Dec

Okay, okay! I may potentially start to sound like a horrible person right now. HOWEVER, I was told that I have no right to feel this way.

#Flashback to yesterday when I JUMPED OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post Dude #5 (a.k.a. 3D) was texting me pre and post jump. Totally sweet. Totally supportive when I started to have a mini freak out moment.

But I kinda met a dude at the skydiving facility.

I KNOW! But wait. This dude was all up in my business! Not, like, really up in my vagina but, like, totally into me.

We met while we were getting suited up in our jumpsuits and gear. He was standing near me and I kept catching him looking over at me and smiling. I eventually started to see him inch closer and closer to me. Then he starts to talk to me. We both talk about how this was our first jump, discuss where we were both from…just really good small talk. Not going to lie – this dude was pretty cute. And it was SO OBVIOUS that he was flirting with me. We wish each other luck but are still around each other then were shuffled around by instructors, photographers and videographers. But I’d always catch him looking at me. He was even watching me while I did my interviews with my videographer, and I’d see him smiling at me. (What is going on!)

The whole time in the plane was insane! He was actually sitting next to me but everyone was pretty much in their own zone because, you know, WE WERE ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A FUCKING PLANE!

I ran into him post-jump back at the place we suited up. He honed in to me like a fucking laser  beam. More small talk. He asked if I was an actress because I was from Los Angeles (he is from Sn Diego), and because I loved being on camera. I thought this was funny because he even said I looked/sounded like a reporter with the camera following me around.

Boy, not an actress. Just hyper active and a camera whore.

It’s chaos in that tent and everyone is being shuffled around. We managed to introduce each other but I had to go sign more paperwork and preview my video. I thought I would have a chance to talk to him again and possibly exchange information but alas…

While previewing my footage I did see his name on the list and managed to memorize it for Facebook stalking.

When I got him I totally looked him up. I even messaged him letting him know it was nice to meet him.

I told my friends during the car ride home that I felt slightly guilty for talking to him and enjoying it. But then we all agreed that this guilt was silly. I’m still a free woman until 3D asks me to go steady (teenage style). Odd because I don’t feel guilty at all as I message and scope out the dudes on OKCupid. Yet here I was feeling slightly horrible for flirting back with some dude at the drop zone.

But how fucking cool would that be to tell folks that I met my dude during our first skydives! I mean…c’mon, that’s pretty badass!


#CanIGetARecap – True Life: I Watched Twilight Breaking Dawn for a Dude

11 Dec

I sometimes catch myself grinning because this whole thing with Dude #5 is happening so swimmingly, and my smitten kitten levels are rising like woah!

Readers, when we last left off I was FINALLY leaving the office to meet up with 3D. I made a pit stop at CVS and scoured the First Aid aisle for surgical masks because if this dude is true blue then he would be up for silliness like WEARING A GOSH DARN SURGICAL MASK IN PUBLIC FOR ME because he claimed to be sick. (I ended up purchasing a box of 20 masks. What am I going to do with all these masks?!)

I made it to Downtown Culver City and parked at the Trader Joe’s because he had told me on date #1 that his office was directly behind it. I called him to let him know that I just parked and we decided to meet behind TJs. I could sense he was a bit “nervous” and I started to get butterflies myself! I mean, c’mon, any slight movements that night could either make or break it, naw’mean?

My sister kept me company via phone while I wanted because I was cold and needed a distraction. And then I see him walking towards me. (zomg I could see this smile forming on his face and I couldn’t help but grin like a goober because I was starting to have this FLEET of butterflies thrashing inside.)

The movie theater was right across the street so we made our way over, having small talk at the crosswalk. I’m feeling good at this point. We got this!

We both scope out the next Twilight showings and opt for the 9:40pm one. We have about an hour and a half before showtime so it was a perfect window to grab a drink or two.

Okay, so we’re both standing at those self-serve kiosks and are about to purchase our movie tickets. This is where I start to watch him like a hawk. I slowly rummage through my bag and pull out my wallet as he was initiating the transaction. I mean, fuck, he didn’t pay for the entire brunch on date #1 so I was expecting him to choose “1 Ticket”, complete the transaction, and have me teary-eyed if I had to buy my own ticket. But when I saw him choose “2 Tickets” I knew we had this!

Rush was just a few doors down and we find two spots at the bar. Extra dirty martini for me. Whiskey and soda for him.

Cue THE MOST FUN I’VE HAD AT A BAR! Ok, I may be exaggerating but I gotta say that I thoroughly enjoy talking to this dude. We literally had this amazing symbiotic flow going on. (Granted, “symbiotic” is not the right word because we are the same species but you get the point). And the most important part is that we laughed so much! He also gave me the stage for most of the night. At some moments I kept wondering if he is reading this blog because he was improving on all the points I had reservations about.  If that is that case then, um, hey. (Side note: I actually started to get nervous at some point when he had my phone. I was showing him pictures of my cat and then he started to flip through a few pictures on my phone. I had to grab it back lest he see some screenshots of random texts and OKC profiles for this blog. haha Fuck.)

We’re entering second drink mode and I am feeling fantastic. We shared our arrest stories – always a fun convo. At some point we started to talk about watching sports because different games were on the tvs at the bar, and he asked if I watched football. To which I replied that I don’t really follow sports but that I get into them if I’m watching, especially if they are big games like the Super Bowl, World Cup, Olympics, yadda yadda. I don’t know why this made him so happy but all he kept saying was that he wanted to hug me at that moment. He didn’t…but it’s the intent that counts, I suppose 🙂

He pays for our drinks and then slams two markers onto the bar. My eyes lit up like a freaking Christmas tree. I then start to dig through my purse and slam down the box of surgical masks. If my life were a TV show (and it should be) then all the viewers would have been the two of us GLOWING at that moment. Here we were in the face of awesomeness because we are hanging out with another person who is just DOWN to be silly. I start to flash to that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly and Paul steal masks at the 5 and dime, then run off into the streets.

The bartender is somewhat confused at the props we had strewn in front of us. I straighten my back and tell him that we have surgery later that night. I even ask both bartender and date to help me choose surgery gloves (a.k.a mittens) for the evening. Here are two dudes looking at my fingerless versions and straight up mittens. I look over at 3D and he says, “Wear the ones with no fingers. It will be easier for me to hold your hand tonight.”

GAH! I slipped those gloves on so fast! I even put on a “sparkly” sweater because he made a comment a few days beforehand about wanting to see me sparkle like Edward Cullen. When he saw me put it on he was pretty damn amazed that I brought the sparkle factor. We had this!

I wanted popcorn because I was starving. As I was in line engaging with the guy behind the counter I could feel 3D’s hand slightly graze my back. The best part is that I could sense he was being cautious. I start to lean back into his hand for positive reinforcement. But that doesn’t help because I got so fidgety and skipped around the lobby to make my way to the soda fountain. (I should apologize to him in advance because he will rarely get me sitting still)

In the movie theater we make our way to the back. Actually, let me rephrase that. I LED us to the back row because I wanted to be silly without anyone seeing us fidget in our seats. We start to try on the masks and he hands me a Sharpie. I am laughing hysterically at this point and start to draw, nay, ATTEMPT to draw a mustache on his mask. Clearly I was failing so handed him back the marker. He’s an animator for crying out loud! He should duly be in charge of all drawing duties in this relationship. He finished his then drew a skeezy rapist goatee on mine. We were getting high off the fumes – it was bad.

During the entire movie we were giggling so hard and were plain mortified at what was going on before us. Actually, I think he was actually enjoying the movie. I’d look over and see him engaged, and I’d proceed to give him this shocked look. He did come in handy when I’d ask for some background story to fill in the gaps because he knew a bit of what was going on. All in all I HATED the movie but did find it amusing. The movie is HILARIOUS because it is SO BAD! At some points he would lean in and apologize profusely. I’d even catch him whisper, “Oh God, I really need to make this up to you. I am soooooo sorry.” I am still laughing so hard because we were still wearing our masks. I was so happy. The movie ended and  I tell him that I was using him as the excuse as to why I watched this movie. My friends need to know that it was all his idea. Apparently he was doing the same. “Girls dig this movie so, yeah, I’m taking her to see it because she wants to.”

Okay, so I thought FOR SURE that he was going to put the moves on me during the movie. But no. No reaching for my hand. No cheesy arm around my shoulder. No attempt to even kiss me through our masks! But he still needs to walk me to my car so I had some hope.

Then we get to my car. Actually, we get to the level where my car was parked and I make my way over to a yellow corvette that clearly was not mine. His eyes widen when we sees me start to shake the door handles, trying to get in. Bold moves.

We eventually stand by my car and go in for some hugs. I thought for sure he would kiss me here. But no. And I couldn’t bring myself to do it because it was starting to feel awkward. But boy did I want to kiss him right then and there. I could sense he was thinking the same thing so we just continued to shuffle around and have more small talk. We actually started to talk about my tattoo – another good convo topic.We go in for ANOTHER hug. STILL NOTHING! I give up at that point. As he walked away he turned around and held up his mask. “Next time we’ll have to try kissing each other with these on.”

WHAT!?! He’s just teasing me at this point!

On the ride home I text him:
ME: “I can’t believe you are making me wait for our junior high make out party!
HIM: Oh it is NOT by choice. If my mouth didn’t taste like a chalky lozenge I’d have gone all Edward Cullen on yo ass 😉
HIM: Ugh…I can’t believe I just said that…

I am actually kinda glad nothing happened. I am rather enjoying that we are going slow. I’ve been used to jumping right in to X, Y and Z with other dudes so this is so refreshing! It’s really sweet. My new concern now is that he may feel pressured to go big or go home next time we see each other! Then it gets all weird and awkward and forced. Bleh.

We will have to see next time (read: TODAY).

Yeah, he totally asked me out for a THIRD date. It’s today. Best part? He is crashing a small friend gathering. We are making pasta (like MAKING pasta) and having dinner/drinks at a friend’s house. Moment of truth! He will be around my small group of core friends! He will see how I am in my element. And my friends are going to scrutinize him like woah…it’s going to be amazing. He has also volunteered to be our photographer for the evening which is nice of him.

So now I need to fucking clean my lil’ home and make it presentable. I’m pretty excited to see him again. We both are!

Added bonus? We “talk” (read: text) everyday throughout the day. He’s been good about initiating and checking in with me. I kind of like this. My heart does somersaults when I see his name pop up on my phone. Everything is going so well! He even helped calm me down when I started to have a mini freak out moment minutes before I was about to jump out of a plane. He was super supportive. The entire exchange was disgustingly sweet. It was, like, total BF duty!

keep your hands (and saliva) to yourself

7 Dec

I’m about to pack up and leave the office in a bit for date #2 with “3D”.

Giddy is an understatement but this evening may bode interesting because I am starting to feel a bit bleh so I’ll have to keep my shenanigans to a minimum. Oddly enough I get a text from him late this afternoon. It did not start off well and my heart actually sank when I started to read that he was feeling under the weather. I thought he was cancelling on me. Cripes!

(BTW How are we the same [sick] person??)

[because time is of the essence, no text message screenshots but good old fashioned snippets of how this convo went down]

HIM: I want to see you and see this movie, but if you can’t afford to risk it I understand. I’ll do my best to keep my hands and saliva to myself 😉

Naturally all I think is, “Man! No make out sesh?”

ME: Well I would still like to see you. We will have to just skip the junior high make out session at the back of the theater (womp womp)

HIM: You drink your martini. I’ll drink my vodka redbull. This can only end well!

Needless to say our date is still a go..
I tell him that he can still hold my mitten’d hand.
I’m also buying him a surgeon mask which he willingly offers to wear if I actually supply one. And I will. And I will need to take a photo of him donning said mask with our custom Sharpie-markered mustache.

My smitten level rises after I have to break the news to him that I may have to work a bit later because he probably said what I kinda consider one of the sexiest things he can actually say to me right now.

HIM: Please, no worries. I can always work more, haha. I dig the fact that you seem so busy actually because my job is often a time suck

UM, did I NOT freaking say this same exact thing HERE?!?! Seriously. This is my foreplay.

He is pretty thrilled that I was so understanding as I let him know that I share a similar lifestyle where I often have to work later and profusely apologies to friends that I am running late.

Alright, off to resist the urge to make out with a semi-sick dude.

Let’s Have Another Go At This

4 Dec

I’m at lunch with my mom when, to my surprise, I receive a text message from Mr. 3D himself.

Enter ear-to-ear smile at this moment

He brought up making cat themed Holiday cards starring my lil’ guy. Then he brought up how last night’s Rebel Bingo event was awesome but that he was now in dire need of a Bloody Mary

Well played with the Bloody Mary tie in

Oh how I wish I could’ve seen him covered in magic marker obscenities or perhaps even have drawn a few penises on his face myself.

But yes, I slowly start to swallow my words and hesitation from my first date post mortem update. I’m feeling good about this and even seal in a second date for this week! I decided to grow my pair back and asked him out point blank. Kapow! More specifically, I asked him if he was interested in seeing a cheesy movie that involves a certain vampire birthing scene, as an homage to yesterday’s lunch date topic du jour. And I threw in grabbing drinks while we were at it.

His response? “I thought you’d never ask =)”

We put a pin in for this Wednesday and I even suggested we’d have our Date #2 in Downtown Culver City seeing as he works there, lives nearby, and it’s not that far off from my office. Plus, he drove to the East Side for me so I figured I’d play nice. And yes, I made sure I threw in the “Date #2” verbiage just so that we were both clear what was going on.

He’s stoked. I’m stoked. And I can’t believe our second date will consist of us watching the latest Twilight movie! WTF I better get a teenage make out session out of this. But I’m actually thinking this is going to be pretty effing hilarious because we both are just so curious and know that it’s going to be so bad that it’s soooo good. I’m into it!

Game on INDEED! (But should I be worried that he knows way too much about the Twilight saga? How does he know that Edward sparkles? Don’t ask me how I know…)

Date #2. Locked and loaded.