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keep your hands (and saliva) to yourself

7 Dec

I’m about to pack up and leave the office in a bit for date #2 with “3D”.

Giddy is an understatement but this evening may bode interesting because I am starting to feel a bit bleh so I’ll have to keep my shenanigans to a minimum. Oddly enough I get a text from him late this afternoon. It did not start off well and my heart actually sank when I started to read that he was feeling under the weather. I thought he was cancelling on me. Cripes!

(BTW How are we the same [sick] person??)

[because time is of the essence, no text message screenshots but good old fashioned snippets of how this convo went down]

HIM: I want to see you and see this movie, but if you can’t afford to risk it I understand. I’ll do my best to keep my hands and saliva to myself 😉

Naturally all I think is, “Man! No make out sesh?”

ME: Well I would still like to see you. We will have to just skip the junior high make out session at the back of the theater (womp womp)

HIM: You drink your martini. I’ll drink my vodka redbull. This can only end well!

Needless to say our date is still a go..
I tell him that he can still hold my mitten’d hand.
I’m also buying him a surgeon mask which he willingly offers to wear if I actually supply one. And I will. And I will need to take a photo of him donning said mask with our custom Sharpie-markered mustache.

My smitten level rises after I have to break the news to him that I may have to work a bit later because he probably said what I kinda consider one of the sexiest things he can actually say to me right now.

HIM: Please, no worries. I can always work more, haha. I dig the fact that you seem so busy actually because my job is often a time suck

UM, did I NOT freaking say this same exact thing HERE?!?! Seriously. This is my foreplay.

He is pretty thrilled that I was so understanding as I let him know that I share a similar lifestyle where I often have to work later and profusely apologies to friends that I am running late.

Alright, off to resist the urge to make out with a semi-sick dude.


Let’s Have Another Go At This

4 Dec

I’m at lunch with my mom when, to my surprise, I receive a text message from Mr. 3D himself.

Enter ear-to-ear smile at this moment

He brought up making cat themed Holiday cards starring my lil’ guy. Then he brought up how last night’s Rebel Bingo event was awesome but that he was now in dire need of a Bloody Mary

Well played with the Bloody Mary tie in

Oh how I wish I could’ve seen him covered in magic marker obscenities or perhaps even have drawn a few penises on his face myself.

But yes, I slowly start to swallow my words and hesitation from my first date post mortem update. I’m feeling good about this and even seal in a second date for this week! I decided to grow my pair back and asked him out point blank. Kapow! More specifically, I asked him if he was interested in seeing a cheesy movie that involves a certain vampire birthing scene, as an homage to yesterday’s lunch date topic du jour. And I threw in grabbing drinks while we were at it.

His response? “I thought you’d never ask =)”

We put a pin in for this Wednesday and I even suggested we’d have our Date #2 in Downtown Culver City seeing as he works there, lives nearby, and it’s not that far off from my office. Plus, he drove to the East Side for me so I figured I’d play nice. And yes, I made sure I threw in the “Date #2” verbiage just so that we were both clear what was going on.

He’s stoked. I’m stoked. And I can’t believe our second date will consist of us watching the latest Twilight movie! WTF I better get a teenage make out session out of this. But I’m actually thinking this is going to be pretty effing hilarious because we both are just so curious and know that it’s going to be so bad that it’s soooo good. I’m into it!

Game on INDEED! (But should I be worried that he knows way too much about the Twilight saga? How does he know that Edward sparkles? Don’t ask me how I know…)

Date #2. Locked and loaded.