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proceed with caution

21 Nov

I was scoping out some profiles tonight and stumbled upon what seems like a promising dude.

By The Numbers:

  • 93% Match
  • 95% Friend
  • 1% Enemy

Good line-up right?


  • Likes cool music including Lykki Li (#win)
  • Digs the same podcasts like Radiolab, This American Life and The Moth (#win)
  • Life of Pi is listed as a fave read (#win)
  • Not too bad on the eyes (#win)

Insert screeching halt sound effects here when I see that he is an assistant cameraman. Gah! I dated a guy this time last year who was a cameraman. That is a freaking small world especially in Los Angeles! They all know each other! They are in the same union! They call each other up for jobs and whatnot! What if he knows this “ex”? What if I am the bitchface c*nt amongst particular circles? How awkward to show up and run into dude who I dumped at a restaurant before we ordered food then asked if he wanted to stay for the main course because I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good booth! (Not really but kinda…)

Most importantly – why am I over-thinking this?!

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.