A Family Affair

21 Dec

My sister mentioned that she wanted to meet the fella’ I’ve been seeing a ton of lately. (She had wanted to meet the Skydiver but alas that flame has fizzled. AND YES! I am aware that I owe you, dear readers, the recaps of my dates with that one. It’s coming. I swear! Those posts are whoppers so I keep putting them off.). ANYWHO…my dear sister will be in town for a few days for the holidays before her and her partner head off to foreign lands.

On the other side of my spectrum, 3D asked me how my weekend schedule was looking like.
He’d like to see me again. He’s also staying in town (no crazy trip back to Florida) and has no concrete plans. Score for me!

I suggested we  jostle two birds with one stone and have brunch on Saturday. That way my sister can meet him and we get to spend time together.  My #1 favourite person and my new favourite person. Easy peasy.

This ought to be fun.

Man, he has and continues to be exposed to so many facets of my life and I’ve only partially met his room mates!
He is such a good sport…


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