post stuffingness

26 Nov

I wish I could tell you that I’ve had my fill of the Thanksgiving madness but I continue to keep shoveling food into my mouth.

I am an absolute glutton. I can’t even count how many bowls of ice cream I’ve consumed. Don’t even get me started on the pastries that have found their way into my tummy. And the amount of meat that I shouldn’t be eating?!?! Hopeless.

Amidst all the gluttonous gluttony I did manage to pull off my annual pre-Thanksgiving feast with my nearest and dearest friends. Many friends throughout the years stopped by and I got to enjoy the presence of new friends.

I did NOT invite any of my OKCupid boys to come by. I don’t think I was ready for that kind of worlds colliding in the comfort of my own home. I was tempted, though. But I am glad I had some self control in that area of my life.

A few guys from my past did attend my little soiree. One of which was a guy I dated in college for a hot minute. Not going to lie but it was nice to see him. And for selfish reasons I felt like I was in my element so I’m glad he saw me in one of my finest moments.

Another guy I fancied showed up with one of my friends. File this one under “You Confuse The Fuck Out Of Me”. I saw him and was instantly attracted to him again. Flirt Alert was at a high. Level Orange…or is it red? But that is some madness I do not want to get mixed up in. And talk about self restraint! I had him alone in my room – all to myself – and I did not throw myself on him! Mazel tov to me.

Last helping of the Thanksgiving weekend is getting a “Happy Thanksgiving” text message from one of my OKC dudes. Cat/Rabbit guy, to be exact (more on him later). His was one of many mass and personal text messages I received from friends – the annual barrage. And there it was. Not sure if it was to his entire phonebook or just to me but I made the cut. A few days before he initiated a few texts with me: checking up on me because I had been sick and also to let me know he was back from a last minute vacay. (I had no idea he was gone but thanks for the memo?)

What now? I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him but in a purely platonic way at this point, me thinks. It’s those rabbits, man!

In other covetous news, I am starting to put the feelers out on more dudes, as in I am earmarking them for later use. And now I can’t stop having dreams about going on more OKCupid dates. Sad! To top it off I can’t stop thinking/dreaming about the Skydiver. Take me out to pasture already! I disgust myself.


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