12 Nov

A few weeks ago (Oct. 23) some guy sent me a message on OKC.

eee. Your profile makes me happy. Do you like St. Vincent as well (I say that becuse you said you’re into female-fronted bands). I just saw her last Tuesday and it was fantastic! 🙂

Also, your book listing is pretty much the best thing ever. Fante, Murakami, and SO on.


I don’t typically get lovely messages like this. It’s usually weirdos being weird. But this, my friends, was a winning note.  Reading it made me happy. And this fella is a looker to boot!

By the Numbers:

  • 93% Match
  • 94% Friend
  • 2% Enemy


  • A teacher. Actually, let me rephrase that. A PASSIONATE 11th grade teacher. Got a masters and everything (or so he claims)
  • Dark rimmed glasses. Very Jason Schwartzman a la Rushmore. Like…almost to the tee but better! I read his Tumblr and his students are always commenting on his hipsterness. He seems humble enough though. Hopefully he isn’t TOO cool for school.
  • Sense of humor! (Here is what he wrote under “The most private thing I am willing to admit” section): One time in 2nd grade I bought a cup-o-noodles in the lunch line because it was the only thing I could afford. I didn’t have hot water, so I just sat on the edge of the playground, munched on the dry food, and cried. lol.

I dug his profile. Very sincere. Similar interests. Did I mention he is also a looker? One thing that kind of sticks out is that he is 23! I know, so young. Not completely a May/December thing but people are in different stages in their lives.

But as Aaliyah points out, “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Age ain’t nothin’ but a thang.”  You’re right, Aaliyah. You’re flipping right.

Messages back and forth have been friendly enough. We stopped a bit then he sent me a message post Halloween to check in and see that I didn’t eat too much candy. Cute.

I sent him another message today because he went to see Sufjan Stevens play the score to a documentary at the Vista in Los Feliz, so I felt compelled to write him about that. And I had been passing the time reading his Tumblr all day, falling down that rabbit hole and developing an even bigger crush on the lad. I am not the best person when it comes to kids but I find it sexy that he is so adamant about teaching these kids.

I also swore that I wouldn’t date anyone with housemates but I would make the exception here because this dude has a legit career AND proof of health insurance. Watch out now.

And he likes to cuddle.

Maybe I’ll ask him out for a drink.

Look at me, actually getting back in the mood to mingle.


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