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29 Nov

Ahhhh yes, another gem that found its way into my OKCupid inbox


Level 5 Ninja

29 Nov

To be quite honest, I wasn’t even that into him at first. This was sometime in mid-September. It was still my maiden voyage on the OKCupid seas and his profile kept popping up in my suggested matches.

He wasn’t exactly “my type”. But maybe this was the time to venture out of my tall-&-lanky-hipster-dude box and try something new.

But I was intrigued nonetheless. He was pretty cute. Some pictures were questionable. Most seemed “outdated” but all in all, a good crop of photos.

And he was a skydiver – perfect timing because I had been itching to jump out of plane so maybe his expertise would come in handy. But, like, every dude and their mother had skydiving photos so what makes him so special?

I did enjoy his profile. And was did have a soft spot for Jenga…

By the Numbers:

  • Match: 89%
  • Friend: 86%
  • Enemy: 3%

He sized up right in the compatibility department so I proceeded to engage. My message was short and sweet. Referenced his Jenga connoisseur-ness, then left it at that. Bait was set.

And he bit!

Smooth sense of humour? Check!

And so it began.

We literally sent each other these long, drawn out messages filled with getting-to-know-each-other questions, peppered with flirtatious teasing. It was all engaging. I loved “talking” to him because he was one of the rare guys on the site I could actually have decent interactions with. It was effortless and I looked forward to his responses, finding out about his days or weekends, learning more and more about him…getting skydiving tips! God, I sound like a fucking Hallmark movie but that’s how it was! Honest to goodness 21st Century, modern day courting.

After a few weeks I think we graduated to OKC IMs shortly after. Live -time banter.

Joked about his loft Downtown.

Did quick inventory of our liquor stash.

He sips his scotch. I drink my wine.

It was nearly 2am on a Sunday and he invites me over.  Joking? Maybe. As tempted as I was I proposed that we make plans for another night.

Let’s check our calendars.

Free all way except Friday.

Mirror schedules.

Let’s dovWednesday, he says. October 5th. He somehow convinced me to go Downtown. His ‘hood.

We’d get drinks. I was down.

And so it was done. In the books.

And the “good nights” were good.

i spy…

28 Nov

While I’ve come across profiles of lads I know in the flesh (and by flesh I mean “real life” not “biblically”, per se…though I may know SOME in that sense) I think the best profile thus far is one of a said semi-famous band member I know. Best spotting ever!

However, he may think I’m a little turd for just messaging him a simple “hehe”. I didn’t mean anything by it! Just a little “nod”, if you will, that says, “Yes, we are all in this together.”

Last time I called out a friend (to nip it in the bud) he was TOTALLY embarrassed! What? I’m on OKCupid, too, man.

Can’t take this whole thing TOO seriously.

We’ve all got needs.

Do your thang!


post stuffingness

26 Nov

I wish I could tell you that I’ve had my fill of the Thanksgiving madness but I continue to keep shoveling food into my mouth.

I am an absolute glutton. I can’t even count how many bowls of ice cream I’ve consumed. Don’t even get me started on the pastries that have found their way into my tummy. And the amount of meat that I shouldn’t be eating?!?! Hopeless.

Amidst all the gluttonous gluttony I did manage to pull off my annual pre-Thanksgiving feast with my nearest and dearest friends. Many friends throughout the years stopped by and I got to enjoy the presence of new friends.

I did NOT invite any of my OKCupid boys to come by. I don’t think I was ready for that kind of worlds colliding in the comfort of my own home. I was tempted, though. But I am glad I had some self control in that area of my life.

A few guys from my past did attend my little soiree. One of which was a guy I dated in college for a hot minute. Not going to lie but it was nice to see him. And for selfish reasons I felt like I was in my element so I’m glad he saw me in one of my finest moments.

Another guy I fancied showed up with one of my friends. File this one under “You Confuse The Fuck Out Of Me”. I saw him and was instantly attracted to him again. Flirt Alert was at a high. Level Orange…or is it red? But that is some madness I do not want to get mixed up in. And talk about self restraint! I had him alone in my room – all to myself – and I did not throw myself on him! Mazel tov to me.

Last helping of the Thanksgiving weekend is getting a “Happy Thanksgiving” text message from one of my OKC dudes. Cat/Rabbit guy, to be exact (more on him later). His was one of many mass and personal text messages I received from friends – the annual barrage. And there it was. Not sure if it was to his entire phonebook or just to me but I made the cut. A few days before he initiated a few texts with me: checking up on me because I had been sick and also to let me know he was back from a last minute vacay. (I had no idea he was gone but thanks for the memo?)

What now? I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him but in a purely platonic way at this point, me thinks. It’s those rabbits, man!

In other covetous news, I am starting to put the feelers out on more dudes, as in I am earmarking them for later use. And now I can’t stop having dreams about going on more OKCupid dates. Sad! To top it off I can’t stop thinking/dreaming about the Skydiver. Take me out to pasture already! I disgust myself.

proceed with caution

21 Nov

I was scoping out some profiles tonight and stumbled upon what seems like a promising dude.

By The Numbers:

  • 93% Match
  • 95% Friend
  • 1% Enemy

Good line-up right?


  • Likes cool music including Lykki Li (#win)
  • Digs the same podcasts like Radiolab, This American Life and The Moth (#win)
  • Life of Pi is listed as a fave read (#win)
  • Not too bad on the eyes (#win)

Insert screeching halt sound effects here when I see that he is an assistant cameraman. Gah! I dated a guy this time last year who was a cameraman. That is a freaking small world especially in Los Angeles! They all know each other! They are in the same union! They call each other up for jobs and whatnot! What if he knows this “ex”? What if I am the bitchface c*nt amongst particular circles? How awkward to show up and run into dude who I dumped at a restaurant before we ordered food then asked if he wanted to stay for the main course because I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good booth! (Not really but kinda…)

Most importantly – why am I over-thinking this?!

Merry Christmas, you filthy animal.

nothing and everything

21 Nov

Word of mouth ain’t no lie. I decided to take the plunge into the OKC vortex after seeing my friends’ results (bueno y no bueno) and I am reeling in more disciples. (Look at me with my Jesus complex)

One of my friends recently just joined after hearing about my random dating experiences as of late and it’s quite exciting to see her all giddy. As I was making the rounds during my recent “kick back” I sat next to said friend and we proceeded to scan the dudes checking out her profile via the OKCupid app.

Cute…cute…no thank you…..ewww no…this one’s decent…

Then we further fell into the junior-high-school-girl rabbit hole and proceeded to giggle over the different men she has waiting in the wings. She actually has a tentative date with one guy tomorrow night! She even called me to get some advice on how to proceed.


Super flattering because, as the title of my blog suggests, I have no idea what I’m doing! But I did give her some personal pointers and even went over wardrobe options. (First impressions are everything!)

Think of it as a fun interview…and you don’t owe them anything. If it doesn’t work out then it doesn’t work out. You move on. You meet and date other guys. All will be right in the world.

But still impress with your baller “A” game. This is still a potential merger afterall.


welcome to my life

17 Nov

nerdy AND speaks the truth!